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Jan-Marie has had the pleasure of performing and recordng with many talented artists.  This page is reserved for band members both current and historical.

Bradley Noy
[Drummer - Percussionist - Keyboards - Backing Vocals - Audio Engineer]

Bradley first started to master drums and percussion at the age of five.  He was originally taught by big band and rock n roll drummer Ray Davis.  From the age of seven drum master Ian Craigie further developed these skills so Bradley could establish himself as a percussionist and drummer in the school orchestral band up to age of 13.

Bradley Noy in the studio

At 18 Bradley became an award winning musician receiving an Australian Music Industry Award for his dedication and passion for percussion.  Bradley recorded his first album with 4 piece band Migraine at the age of 18 at Redline Studios on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Bradley has played in various bands including Higher Ground, Migraine and Kosmic Evolution.  Bradley is current performing as the drummer and percussionist for Jan-Marie. 

Bradley Noy live in action at a gig

Brad's unique percussive and drumming style blends steady beats with syncopated funk to set the mood for a rocking groove at any event.  Brad loves adding complex fills and tricky rolls to give songs more depth and drive.  Brad's awesome musical ability as a performer and a songwriter gives Jan-Marie a distinct edge with her live performances.  Bradley Noy is an extremely valuable, talented, long term member of the band.

Bradley has collaborated with Jan-Marie on 4 albums: Home, Highway in the sky, Back 2 Back and Travel this road and is currently working on album number 5.

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Bradley Noy, Jan-Marie, Frank Conditsis & Peter Leckie

Sharmila Periakarpan
[Flute - Violin - Backing Vocals]

Sharmila is a professional musician with performing experience in a variety of genres.  Her main instrument is the flute and she also plays the violin and sings.  Excellent at improvisation Sharmila can perform any genre.  Sharmila loves to take part in as many musical opportunities as possible to gain more experience and to be able to continue doing what she loves.

Sharmila recording in the studio

With a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) and an awesome Flute Teacher from the WA Academy of Music, Sharmila shines when she plays her flute and has the voice of an angel when she sings.

Band History
Huanchaco: Percussion, Guitar and Flute, VIC 2012-2013
Jan Marie and the band : Flautist, Violinist & Backing Vocals, VIC 2012-2013
Nine (the Musical) : Flautist, WA 2009
WAYMA (Western Australian Youth Music Association) : 1st Flautist- WA Youth Symphonic Band, WA 2010

Sharmila live on stage in Perth WA

Awards & Achievements
* Australian Music Examinations Board : Top Award for Excellence in the 2009 W.A AMEB in Violin, Grade two, WA
* Ali Towers EP Launch- The Used Future : Featured on a track and performed at Ali Towers 'The Used Future' EP Launch, WA 2008
* Bachelor of Arts (Performing Arts) : WAAPA, WA 2007
* Pal Joey (the Musical) : Flautist, WA 2006
* Fremantle Eisteddfod : Winner- Romantic instrumental solo section, WA 2005
* dvdsouvenirs.com.au : Featured on flute- DVD short film of Perth, WA (distributed nationally across Australia) 2004
* Starsearch 2004 : Winner- Instrumental Solo Category, WA

Alex Ibarra
[Electric Guitar - Bass]

Alex is truly a funk man, born to play the groove.  He is blessed with natural rhythm that flows through his veins.  Alex has worked with Jan-Marie on 2 albums: Home & Highway in the sky.  Always a pleasure to record and perform with, Alex is based on the Gold Coast, Australia and joins the band from time to time when touring.

Alex Ibarra in the studio

Max Davis
[Electric Guitar - Acoustic Guitar - 12 String Guitar - Harmonica]

Max has peformed with Jan-Marie on many occasions and where the opportunity presents itself Jan-Marie and Max still perform together.  Max and Jan-Marie share a special bond being father and daughter which makes the experience of watching them play on stage together more enjoyable.  Max worked his blues magic on the album called Home.  Max played the harmonica, slide guitar, 12 string guitar and used his awesome collection of guitars on the recordings. 

Jan-Marie recently recorded a song called "At the end of it all" about the journey of life and the obstacles along the way.  Max wrote the lyrics for this song and Jan-Marie composed the music and it will feature as the first track on the brand new album "Travel this road" due to be released in 2013.

Max Davis live and in the studio

Jan-Marie and the Band - Music Kafe in Brisbane

Frank Conditsis
[Lead Guitar - Rhthym Guitar - Bass Guitar]

Frank is a unique and gifted musician with an ear for the finer details of music production, chunky riffs and catchy melodies.

Frank worked with Jan-Marie on the album called Back 2 Back for a whole year in and out of the studio in 2011.  This album was finally released in the second half of 2013.  Frank's guitar style sounds heavily influenced by rock and blues with a white man funk twist.  Using his mixed eastern and western mixed origins and a familiar American rock sound blended with the folk roots of Jan-Marie gives the music on the album a rich meloday and strong solid upbeat tempo.  Frank is also based on the Gold Coast and performs when Jan-Marie is doing large tours and plays material from the album Back 2 Back.

Frank Conditsis

Jan-Marie and the Band at a private function in Gold Coast

Paul Wood (left)               Daz Clancy (right)


Band gear ready for action

Jan-Marie and the Band
Frank Conditsis, Peter Leckie, Bradley Noy & Jan-Marie